I am a PhD student at Queens’ College, University of Cambridge. My research primarily focuses on issues in the philosophy of perception; however, I also work on topics in the philosophy of mind more generally, and on issues in contemporary metaphysics. I am particularly interested in approaching the central problems of perception from a distinctively metaphysical angle. My doctoral thesis defends an unexplored form of disjunctivism, which is hinted at in several places by Austin in his (1962) Sense and Sensibilia, discussed briefly by H. H. Price in his (1932) book ‘Perception’. I am also interested in the history of philosophy, especially the early moderns and the early analytic philosophers (including Moore, Russell, and Wittgenstein). Prior to moving to Cambridge, I received a B.A. in philosophy from University College London, and a B.Phil in philosophy from the University of Oxford (University College).

Contact me at: apm60@cam.ac.uk 

For the conference I am organising, see:
‘Objects and Properties: Generating Dialogue’ at the University of Cambridge, Queens’ College, 29th-30th June 2018.




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